Abortion: Other than unique circumstances, abortion would not be my first choice.  I understand the definition of these situations must be resolved because abortion is a very complex issue.  I don’t believe the government has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.  I see nothing in the Constitution giving the government the authority to do so.  While I prefer that women choose to keep their pregnancies, I am also sensitive to issues surrounding women who wish to terminate for personal reasons. These are very real issues that I am willing to further examine and discuss. I lean towards pro-life but consider myself pro-choice.

The Budget: The government should not have an “American Express Centurion Card” (Black Card), only a cash card with no overdraft protection. When the money’s gone, then it is gone.  Give the military what it reasonably needs to keep us safe from “all” enemies and fix the roads.  They can spread-out the rest wherever they want.  If they run out of money before they are done, then it’s time to re-group and re-route the dollars. That’s all they get.

The Constitution: I don’t believe it is a living, breathing document, so don’t try to change it.  This document was created by Patriots, not by partisans.  Their design was not to let the party in power every four years change it. In fact, just the opposite! It was designed to withstand the political whims of any miscreants in power.  If it weren’t for these Patriots, most of us would never have been born.

School Funding: I believe we should hold school boards accountable and allow parents to receive school tax credits for dollars spent on their children’s education.  When school districts run out of money, then they should either adjust or become extinct.  School boards must be reduced from their self-imposed positions as “gods”.  They are not gods. They are servants of the people – nothing more and nothing less.

Afghanistan: Both the Republican and Democratic Party have shown they are incapable of understanding this country.  That being said, it was the President who showed the world he is not capable to lead, or even follow, when it comes to making any correct decisions regarding Afghanistan.  I was never comfortable with leaving Afghanistan.  The void created by our exit will have to be cleaned-up by someone who didn’t create it.  It won’t be pretty or popular.  Although both Trump and the President were adamant about leaving Afghanistan, the President (due to his incompetence) is directly responsible for the aftermath of that exit.  If he hated Trump so much, why couldn’t he do the right thing and just stay in Afghanistan? This would have kept it from becoming a terrorist’s breeding ground.  If he was going to leave at any cost, then his advisors are just as responsible as he is; the President depends on those who supposedly have more experience in these matters. 

I’m going on record that neither Trump nor the President was right in making the decision to completely leave Afghanistan.  If we are going to capitulate every time we are challenged, then why do we need the military?  These Patriots are trained to go into harm’s way in order to protect America; it is their job, and it is what they do. 

The Border: Return to the policy of “Remain in Mexico” – simple!  We can serve the needs of the citizens of this country and at the same time we can direct reasonable attention to others desiring to legally become productive Americans. 

Racism:  Are there racists in America? Absolutely!  Is America “systemically racist” as Democrats preach? Absolutely not.

Being brought-up in Texas, I was exposed to racism at an early age.  I know what it is and I remember my mother’s reaction if it even appeared I was being insensitive.  She had a way of giving you a verbal spanking you would never forget.  

Racism is learned, it is not an instinct.  Educate children to understand racism and to embrace and accept others as they are.  Don’t separate them by using silly made-up slogans.  Critical Race Theory, who thought of this?  These types of people are the problem, not the solution.  This “slogan” should infuriate all races.