Where I Stand

Patriot: one who loves, supports, and defends his or her country against enemies or detractors.

I am, by definition, a Patriot (a word that appears unfamiliar to progressives). This means that I value what our founders have given us.  We should be enjoying the efficient running of our government, not the systematic destruction of our country.  I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our leaders try to make you believe how smart they think they are, or that they are the best choice to govern our country.  Simply put, they are incompetent; they do not have the vision to lead us forward.  The elite are not leaders; they are the Pied Pipers of politics, and they are leading us over a cliff.  If we allow them to continue their course, we may never recover.

The issues we face before us are many, and they deserve to be handled in a way that won’t ultimately destroy the lives of millions of Americans.  Those issues include the following: taxes, inflation, foreign affairs (China, Russia and Iran and their formation of a common desire to destroy America), the border crisis/immigration, Afghanistan, oil dependency/independency, defunding the police, law and order, critical race theory, cancel culture, and racism.  The current administration’s views on these issues are simply wrong.  If anyone running to represent you hasn’t condemned these views, then shame on them! To be clear, I condemn their views. 

It is so important for progressives to show how much they hate Trump, that they have reversed everything he did right and, as a result, put the security of the country at risk.  They simply don’t care!  To them, their hate is worth what they are doing to us; this is who they are.  Is this who you want to represent you?  Anyone in government who agrees with the current policy on these issues must be shown the door. They are committing crimes against their own country and hiding behind an inflated opinion of who they think they are.  In revolutionary times, they might be considered traitors.  They must be sent home!

If we have no country, we have no 1st Congressional District. The Democratic Party is committing political terrorism.  Defund the police?  They won’t stop there.  Defunding the military, too, works for them.  The mayor of Seattle called the rebellion in Capital Hill a “summer of love”, and like China, Russia or Iran, this type of thinking will destroy us.  That anyone would allow the systematic destruction of their city and show such a lack of respect for its citizens and America is disgraceful (an underused word when describing many of the people in charge of protecting you).  If you continue to elect people like this, those who provide leadership from nowhere, that makes you just as responsible for this mess as they are.  For them, there’s only one option … theirs, and it’s been proven repeatedly to be the incorrect option – one that will ultimately lead to destruction.

My belief is that, perhaps, roughly 20 percent of Americans align themselves with a political party.  We live in a nation made up of conservatives, moderates, and free-thinking liberals who are not siding with the Democrats. The party has changed – and not for the better. People are slowly waking up, but more must be done. We, the people, must restore the soul of America. Remember, we’re in this together.

In short, we simply want our government to protect us, maintain the roads and leave us alone.  Anything more is government interference and not what we voted for.  Americans want to work and they are insulted when they are told, “Don’t worry, we will take care of you! Take this, take that, let us give you this, and let us give you that!” Thus, the saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”  You know what, they aren’t helping!  Bottom line, we want the government to do its job and leave us alone.

I don’t know how to pronounce my opponent’s name and I don’t need to know.  I am not running against anyone or to represent a political party. I am running for Congress to represent you and to do right by you. I aim to be a major part of rebuilding America’s soul; otherwise, I would stay home.  I may not have all the answers, and I don’t claim to, but for God’s sake, if I can’t earn your vote then don’t go out and vote for them, AGAIN!  Politicians have been giving their party what it wants. Now it’s time for us to get what we want and what we have earned.  I’ll learn the options and put them on the table for you; we will make it right together.

I am not afraid of mistakes. I will not back away!